Rent Anything

Manage items of any kind with a powerful pricing system.


Rent Anything

  • Custom Rate Plans
  • Vehicles Management with sub-units
  • Availability Overview with monthly calendars
  • Search Form
  • Rental orders management
  • Plus much more

Suitable for any kind of items and rentals

  • No matter what you need to rent or for how long, all the necessary tools are in your hands.
  • Manage the reservations of any kind of items for any duration through availability calendars.

One plugin to build an entire website

  • A complete and native plugin built for WordPress. Trust the experience of Vik Rent Items.
  • All you need to make your own website a complete e-commerce platform for rentals.

No monthly or recurring fees

  • No hidden prices or limited functionalities, full access to all the PRO features.
  • One-time fee for a plugin designed to be fully integrated with your own website.

Designed to fit any Pricing Model and Rental Term


Flexible Pricing System and Promotions

Set up hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly rental costs. No matter if you rent items for short or long terms. Set up seasonal rates and promotions to attract more guests.

Time Slots for your rentals

Use the Time Slots feature to let the customer choose the Pick Up/Start Date and the duration for their rental. Set up fixed duration options like "Half-Day", "Full Day", "One Week"...

Options, Extras and Additional Fees

Offer the possibility to book Options or Extra Services. Set up Extra Fees for all rentals or for certain items only.

Designed to fit any Pricing Model and Rental Term

Delivery Service

You can optionally set up the delivery service for some of your items. The system will automatically calculate the distance to the specified address to apply the corresponding cost for the service.

Multiple locations and fees

Set up multiple Locations and configure extra fees for certain combinations of pick up and drop off. The use or the selection of the locations is not mandatory.

Multi-purpose, Multi-item and Multi-quantity

Allow your guests to book multiple items within the same rental order, or items with multiple quantities. Set up all items and rental options in the way you want.


Add Restrictions to the rentals

Thanks to the Restrictions you can define the minimum or maximum days of rent for certain periods of the year, or even disable the pick up/drop off on certain week days.

Discounts based on quantities

Add automated discounts to certain items when guests are booking two or more units. Attract more guests by offering competitive discounts and prices.

Related Items

Advertise additional items in case guests are booking specific types of items. Doing up-selling has never been easier!

Keep all of your rentals under control

Rental Orders Overview

Thanks to a dedicated section you can organize and schedule any rental order for your items through overview calendars showing the remaining availability.

Check Availability and Status

Each item will have its own availability calendar showing all the rental orders with their different statuses. Keep them under control from the back-end section of your website.

Multi-language support

Compatible with any WordPress multiple-language plugin such as WMPL. Built-in translation functions for the various contents will help you create a multi-language website for all countries!


Developed for anything that could be rented for a specific time frame


An easy tool for the management team

Thanks to the dashboard it will be easy for your team to see the customers that are collecting or returning the items today. Always up to date for the upcoming reservations.

White-label and fully customizable

Vik Rent Items is completely compatible with any theme for WordPress. White-label functions and styles to reflect your own company.
Fully equipped of Widgets: Search Form, Order Summary, Items List and much more.

Automated SMS and Custom Email Reminders

Custom and automated Email Reminders

The Customers Relationship is fundamental for your business. Thanks to the Cron Jobs Scheduling function, you can automatize some tasks such as to send a custom reminder via email to all customers that will be picking up in the day after, or send an email after the drop-off to invite your customers to leave a feedback.

Extendable Cron Jobs framework

For those who are willing to make customization to better fit your needs, the Cron Jobs framework will allow to create custom processes to be executed at specific time intervals to perform certain actions.


Custom Payment Gateways


Paypal and other two methods of payments integrated

Vik Rent Items PRO comes with a few payment options pre-installed such as PayPal, Offline Credit Card, Cash upon Arrival. However, Let the customers pay their rentals online via credit card, and collect the payment through your preferred payment gateway.

Receive payments through 60+ payment gateways

Let the customers pay their reservations online via credit card, and collect the payment through your preferred payment gateway. In fact, the payment framework can be extended and it supports any kind of integration, even the ones requiring an SSL certificate or a 3D Secure Authentication.

Take a look at more powerful features!


The flexibility you were looking for configuring the rental costs in the various seasons of the year.


A complete and responsive design for your website thanks to different Shortcodes and many useful Widgets.


Optionally set up Pickup and Drop Off Locations for the rented items.


Calculate and show with Google Maps the distance between your base address and the destination.


Export your reservation in ICS format or give your iCal URLs to other calendars software.


Comes with an integration for PayPal, Bank Transfer and Offline Credit Card.


Clients can pay the entire amount or a percentage of the total value as a deposit.


Create custom coupon codes and set up automated discounts based on the number of units rented.


More than 60 payment gateways compatible in the Payments section of our website.

Rent Anything

  • Custom Rate Plans
  • Availability Overview with monthly calendars
  • Search Form, Order Summary, Items List Widgets
  • Rental orders management
  • Multi-Language compatible
  • Multiple Locations
  • Add Options and Extra for your item
  • Locations Fees
  • Restrictions for certain days or length of rent
  • Special and Seasonal Prices + Promotions
  • Rates Overview to set different rental costs on some dates
  • Customers management and Coupon codes
  • Custom fields for the booking confirmation
  • Automated Email such as Email Reminders and Remaining Balance
  • Payment System with credit cards (compatible with over 60 payment gateways)

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