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Need someone to help with updating your website?

Sometimes you may just need a few updates to be made on your website. We can do this either as and when you need us, or you can join one of our Maintenance Packages which include some of our time for free each month.

If you do just need the odd job done here and there, give us a call and we can get something set up for you.

Website broken & need urgent help? We’re here for you!

Is your website down or broken? If you're an existing client, on one of our maintenance packages, this will be an easy fix to at least return to a previous backup of the site.  If you aren't we will need to charge an investigation fee first, and then give a rough estimate for the time it may take to fix your site. There is no guarantee that we will even be able to fix the site, but we may be able to point you in the right direction. This is why we so strongly recommend being on one of our Website Maintenance Packages so that we can prevent this from happening, and take regular backups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in need because of an emergency, we may have to drop what we are doing with our other clients for that day in order to help you. We are more than happy to do this, but it will mean we are behind on our other projects. To make up for this, we charge a small rush fee (which will vary depending on how urgent the task is).

Almost anything! You may need us to just check over your site for bugs, fix those bugs, add some products or content; basically anything that wouldn't require a whole project.

If it is an emergency, we will get to work right away and charge you afterwards for the work done. You must pay this invoice within 2 working days.  If it is just some ad-hoc work that needs doing, we will send a quote, take a 50% deposit before work commences.  The second half plus any additional work carried out will be charged after the job is complete.


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