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Corfu Web Design is a experienced eCommerce web design agency.  In addition to being expertly built and featuring designs created by us, all of our websites have a strong emphasis on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
Everything we supply is equipped with everything Google requires to get your products found, and make as many sales as possible on your new eCommerce website.

Why is Corfu Web Design the designer for your e-Commerce Website?


With Corfu Web Design's industry leading eCommerce web design we give you an on-line shop to increase sales and profits.

Designed for Sales

Bespoke eCommerce so your products to stand out

Creating great eCommerce websites is an art. The is checklist we need to use is long to maximise the number of sales for you.

From an easy to use interface, product upsells, cart abandonment marketing and a million other techniques, we make sure that your website is given the boost it needs.

We make as many sales as possible and keep customers coming back

Fully Optimised

For all devices and get products found in Google

Because we recognise the value of a responsive design, every one of our eCommerce websites is fully optimised for all devices.

For online shopping, large percentages of people will be using their phone, so we make sure that the mobile and tablet experience on your website is just as good as it is on desktop.

We can also do the SEO to make sure you rank in Google

Fully Scalable

From a basic online shop to a complex

Using WordPress, we can create infinitely scala online stores. If you need to sell a couple of simple items on a website, we can help.

If you need an expansive eCommerce site with 1000s of products, with variations and automated stock management, we can also help. Basically, anything you need your digital shop to do.

Leave it to us and we will make sure you sell the most products possible

Affordable Prices

An eCommerce website is an investment

An eCommerce website can make you a lot of money. But there are a lot of moving parts that need to be done correctly.

We have plenty of experience in the eCommerce industry and have honed the formula for a successful website. We have positioned ourselves in the market where affordability meets results.

We build eCommerce websites that make sales, and get your ROI

Looking for a standard style website?

If you're looking for a website that just shows the service that your can provide or anything else other than eCommerce, we can help you with that too!


How our websites are designed & developed.

Our process is straightforward, efficient, and delivers excellent outcomes for you and your business


The initial steps in the process - gathering your existing content together, looking at your goals, analysing your target audience, reviewing your branding, and beginning our research.  You can point us in your desired direction or let us completely design for you.


We will create a number of designs for your new website based on the findings from the discovery phase.  We will work alongside you to develop your website's look and feel so that the voice and tone of the design represents the value of your business.


Now it's time to make the ideas come to life!  Our web design and development will work to integrate all of the concepts into a website so we can begin seeing how the site will operate in a browser.  You can take an active role in this or sit back and let us do the work.


From the largest PC display all the way down to the smallest mobile phone, we'll make sure the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) work smoothly on every size device.  Your conversion and sales rate will soar as a result of this.


We'll schedule a time to take your new website live, launch any necessary marketing initiatives, and then finalise the website!  Once launched, you can subscribe to one of our Maintenance Packages to make sure your website keeps that fresh feeling.


You can now be pleased with your website!  As the leads and/or sales start to flow in, you'll see growth that you never believed was possible.  By utilising our SEO, Social Media Management, and Google Ads, we can also boost this growth even further!


Start selling more with your online store

As experts in the eCommerce field, we can help turn your website into a sales machine.  No matter how big or small your goals are, we're here to maximise your potential in the digital space.

African American Hands Shopping In Online Ecommerce Store


Add & edit products with ease

Utilising WooCommerce eCommerce Platform, adding, editing, deleting and organising your products is simple.  From simple one-option products, to products with hundreds of variations, WooCommerce is completely scalable.  With the robust plugin selection available to us, we can do almost anything.


Online shopping on all devices

Some of our existing websites have up to 80% mobile users, so we are aware the need for a website to be fully functioning on every device possible.  We test our sites on as many devices as possible to ensure that no device is left behind.

Digital generated devices on desktop, responsive online shop on screen. All screen graphics are made up. 3d rendering.
Traditional Corfu Products


Inexpensive online shop solutions for everyone

The eCommerce industry is thriving.  But the market is saturated with template websites, poor optimisation and a lack of finesse.  We take pride in the bespoke solutions we create, and make it worth every cent that your spend on your new site.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends how big your eCommerce site is.  If you want to sell just a few simple products, your investment will start at around €1,500. eCommerce websites are almost infinitely scalable, and so the top-end of the project budget could be anything.

The 2 main ongoing costs for your eCommerce website that you can't avoid are your domain name and hosting.  We can help you purchase your domain if you don't already have one and we host most of our client's websites too.

To maintain your website and ensure that it is operating at full capacity, we provide a variety of website maintenance options. These are essential to ensuring that your eCommerce site is secure, functional and has everything up to date. We can also add and edit the products for you if you need.

We can also help people to find you and your products. To get found in Google, you'll need SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We can also manage paid ads through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. There are various routes we can go down to make your eCommerce site as successful as possible.

An eCommerce site can make you a lot of money on the internet.  But, it NEEDS to be done correctly.  We have a long list of requirements that we stick to every time in order to secure the maximum number of sales for you.

Some benefits of having an eCommerce website include the ability to sell products or services 24/7, reaching a wider audience, and being able to gather valuable customer data.

To accept payments on your eCommerce website, you will need to set up a payment gateway, such as PayPal or Stripe. We can integrate these easily into your website using an API.

Product page optimisation is key to getting the products from your online store found in Google. We can help you with this as we know EXACTLY what Google is looking for in your product descriptions. Check out our SEO services.

To ensure the security of your eCommerce website, you can use techniques such as SSL encryption, secure payment gateways, and regular plugin updates. We can manage all of that for you with one of our maintenance packages.


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