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Your domain is your brand, your name on the internet.

It's important to protect your domain name, making sure it gets renewed as someone else could buy it.

We can register any available domain name for you or use our simple ordering system yourself.  We the mainatin everything for you.

Once purchased through us we ensure it remains yours for as long as you need it.

  • Reduced domain cost compared to Papaki, GoDaddy etc.

  • Over 500 domain name endings - .com .gr etc.

  • Simple online ordering system

Let us arrange your domain name for you

As a recognised domain registration company we can order, maintain and renew your domain name.

You will also have an account in our system available to view online anytime.


Why Buy Domains Through Us?

Keep your website admin all in one place with Corfu Web Design

Affordable Pricing

We are a recognised domain registered company which means we can get your domain at a great price. If your domain isn't available because someone else already owns it, we can even work as a broker to try and purchase the domain from them.

(Almost) Limitless Options

Whether it's '.com', '.gr', '.org', or anything else, there are hundreds of domain endings available. Also, whatever domain you want we can try and get and if it's not available help you choose an alternative or acquire the one you want.

Privacy Protection

By purchasing your domain through Corfu Systems, you can take advantage of our high-level of security and privacy protection. Having control of many domains means our security is at the highest level. Keep everything to do with your website hassle-free.

Easy & Secure

Leave it up to us to sort out everything to do with your domain to save your time, and the hassle of having to organise renewals for each part of your domain. We can sort everything out for you and send you ONE invoice that includes it all.

Email Address Included

We can create you an email address that matches your domain! Rather than using Gmail or Outlook for your business email, look professional with a matching email address. For example, we use as our main contact email.

Support Included

If you need any help with your domain, purchasing a new one, or adding anything to your existing domain, we are here to help with anything you need.
We can normally deal with anything that is domain name related.


How do I get a domain name?

In short, just get in touch with us and we can sort it all out for you

Choose a Domain

Simply search for an available domain on our Domain Registration page, or we can help choosing, all this at the most competitive prices

Tell What You Need

If you prefer us to purchase your domain for you and look after everything to do with it, let us know. If you'd like anything additional, we can deal with it

You Now Own a Domain!

It's all yours to do whatever you want with! You're ready for a new website to start getting found online. A new digital era for you is about to begin

Frequently Asked Questions

Your domain name is how people find your website on the internet. Every website as an IP assigned to it, which is a string of characters that aren't very memorable. Your domain name is a way to make that IP more memorable. For example, is ours!

A custom domain makes your business appear more legitimate and professional and allows people to find you more easily online. We can create a website for you on your domain as well as set up a professional looking email like

When we purchase your domain for you, it is yours to keep and do anything you want with it. Although you don't technically 'own' it, you have it registered to your name and address. The renewal fee you pay is essentially an annual registration fee and as long as you keep paying this, the domain is your to do whatever you want with and no one else can take it off your hands!


  1. Visit this link:
  3. Search your desired domain name
  4. Find one that you like and is available
  5. Let us know and we'll sort everything out for you!

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