Total solution to manage your reservations, take-away or delivery orders



  • Rooms and Tables management
  • Custom Working Shifts/Opening Times
  • Interactive and Dynamic Dashboard
  • Special Dates Management
  • Coupon Codes for discounts
  • Plus much more

Turn your website into an e-commerce

  • Table reservations and/or food ordering: you are all covered.
  • Vik Restaurants will turn your website into a modern e-commerce platform.

Digitalize your Restaurant

  • Step up your competitors and cope with the pandemic by digitalizing your business.
  • Manage all of your table or food reservations directly from your website.

Let your clients order food and book tables

  • Draw the tables of your restaurant and create menus with dishes and food.
  • Collecting take-away or delivery orders for your food could not be easier.

Manage your Food Orders for Take-Away or Delivery


Take-Away menus and products

Flexible take-away menus: you can offer single meals, meals with variations and custom toppings. Allow customers to build their own Pizza or create their preferred Sushi Poke Bowl.

Collect Take-Away orders through your website

Allow your clients to pick up their food or to have it delivered through a powerful food ordering system. Create and restrict the Delivery Areas you can cover by drawing polygonal or circular shapes through an interactive map.

Add and manage your deals

Offer automated discounts through a smart system based on different types of deals. Highlight your active deals from the included VikRestaurants Take-Away deals widget. Deals can be available on any week days or disabled for certain days.

Food Attributes

Mark your food with some attributes to display intuitive icons to describe their characteristics, like Spicy, Vegetarian, Contains Nuts and so on


Start receiving direct reservations for your restaurant.
No fees or commissions applied.


The Food Delivery software that makes you independent

Whether your restaurant is in a big city or in a smaller town, start getting direct reservations through your own website and manage all deliveries independently. Avoid commissions applied by external portals like UberEats, JustEat or Deliveroo.

Let your clients avoid queues or long waiting times

Your clients can order their food online and pick up the orders at your place at the booked time.
It is also possible to easily book a table to eat at your restaurant.
Let your clients order their food and dishes directly from their table through any smartphone device.


Draw the Rooms and Tables of your Restaurant to manage all reservations


Receive online reservations for your restaurant at any Working Shift

Draw the map of your restaurant through an accurate page in the administrator section. Check the status of your rooms in real time to find free tables in just a few seconds.

Manage your Restaurant Rooms

Create all the rooms on your restaurant to host tables for customers. Rooms can be closed for certain hours or days, so that you can receive online reservations for certain rooms only in some specified periods of the year (like "Garden" area available only in Spring).

Special Days

Override your standard configuration for certain days/periods of the year (like Christmas, 4th July, All Sundays or All August) to change working shifts, menus and deposits amount.

Manage your tables

Table are used to assign a seat to a party. You can also merge different tables into a bigger one to receive reservations for larger parties. Tables graphics and parameters can be easily customized from the back-end of VikRestaurants.

A powerful management of your Restaurant Menus

Create your restaurant menu

Build the menus of your restaurant to promote your food with images and descriptions. If you are running a multi-language website, you can translate menus, sections, products and variations for all the languages available on your website.

Create a section for each type of food

Food can be categorized under sections (like Appetizers, Desserts and so on) and can have variations, so that you don't have to create multiple items for the same product.


Collect Payments through your own website


Paypal and other two methods of payments integrated

Vik Restaurants PRO comes with a few payment options pre-installed such as PayPal, Offline Credit Card, Cash upon Arrival. However, Let the customers pay their orders online via credit card, and collect the payment through your preferred payment gateway.

Receive payments through 60+ payment gateways

Let the customers pay their reservations online via credit card, and collect the payment through your preferred payment gateway. In fact, the payment framework can be extended and it supports any kind of integration, even the ones requiring an SSL certificate or a 3D Secure Authentication.

Take a look at more powerful features!


Select which kind of currency you wish your users to pay with.


Allow deposits per Reservation and per Person.


Shared Tables can be created to share more than one reservation on one table.


Manage Delivery or Pickup for Take-Away Reservations with the possibility of adding additional costs and creating deals.


Define your closing days with a lot of options (every Monday, on Chirstmas, the second week of July, the whole month of August etc..)


Rooms and Tables can be easily managed by your employees thanks to the Live Map


Manage your Reservations from the Administrator section and set their code/status from a list of pre-installed options.


Create and publish interactive menus with Sections and Products.


Let the users and/or admin receive a SMS and/or an email with the confirmation of the order.


  • Rooms and Tables management
  • Custom Working Shifts/Opening Times
  • Interactive and Dynamic Dashboard
  • Special Dates Management
  • Coupon Codes for discounts
  • Multi-Language support built-in
  • Unlimited Custom Delivery Areas
  • Unlimited Restaurant Menus
  • Unlimited Menu Products
  • Unlimited Take-Away Menus
  • Unlimited Take-Away Products
  • Unlimited Toppings for food
  • SVG Tables builder
  • Deals, Combos and Offers
  • Customers Management
  • Customer Reviews
  • Custom fields for the reservations
  • Stocks management for remaining products
  • Payment System with credit cards (compatible with 60+ payment gateways)

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