Maximise Your Website With On-Page SEO

Creating an aesthetically pleasing website is just step 1. Getting discovered on Google is the next stage. Read our blog to learn how with On-Page

Creating an aesthetically pleasing website is just step 1. Getting discovered on Google is the next stage. Read our blog to learn how with On-Page SEO!

Have you considered the On-Page SEO on your website?

A good website is created through a combination of things. Starting with the design, and finishing with the optimisation and maintenance.

You need to ensure you’ve implemented all aspects of optimising your website to make sure you’re successful in receiving traffic and gaining customers through your website.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO describes everything that you can do on your website to push up your position in the rankings. Examples of this include your keywords, images, internal & external linking and meta descriptions.

Whereas Off-Page SEO refers to the external strategies used to optimise your position in Google, not done to your actual website pages. Examples of this include backlinks, content marketing and social media.

Both are essential to look at for a fully-optimised website, but we’re gonna focus on On-Page SEO for now.

The Importance of On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a great place to start when optimising your website, as you’re in full control of the results with On-Page SEO.

Search engines, like Google, scan website pages looking for SEO elements when deciding where to rank the page in the search results page.

Improving your On-Page SEO also tells Google that you’re providing the user with useful information, and whether it’s relevant to the search, which is necessary for your website pages to rank.

Additionally, it’s important to Google that original content is shared and promoted through the algorithm, so don’t duplicate other people’s content and make sure you know who you’re writing your content for.

This is also key to determining the SEO keywords you choose, as there’s no point writing an incredible piece of content if no one is searching for it.

How does On-Page SEO help my business?

Optimising your On-Page SEO makes your business easy to discover in the search engine. Most internet users don’t go any further than page 1 of Google, so you need to be there.

Even if your goals aren’t to inspire your customers to purchase through your website, it’s still important to be on page 1. As it’s common for people to search for what they need online, before going into the physical store.

Also, it’s key to remember this, because you may not see an increase in your conversions digitally, but you’ll still reap the benefits of improving your On-Page SEO and getting to page 1.

What can I do?

So I bet you’re thinking, what can I do to improve the On-Page SEO of my website?

Start with keyword research. There are plenty of tools online to use for keyword research, they’ll tell you how many searches different terms get and give you different variations for new ideas.

Then create content based around the keywords, making sure to use the keywords throughout the content, but only where it feels natural to have that keyword. Otherwise the search engine will view it as keyword stuffing, which can damage the performance of the page.

Make sure to include the keyword in your headings and subheadings too, as this can help your ranking on Google.

Or you can get in touch with a high-achieving marketing agency to take care of all this and more for your business.

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